Net Worth

In each Net Worth update, I disclose expenditures for the month, savings rate for the month, and progress on my path to Financial Independence (FI).

I track my net worth because it’s a benchmark that I alone can keep myself accountable. The path to FI is a long road that can be easy to wander off. Through monitoring monthly budgets, and additions to investment and saving accounts, I am able to steer the ship in the direction to FI.

The longer I track my net worth, the better I feel about months where slip-ups occur. Simply, because I know I can get back on course with some frugality and dedication. I like looking back to where I was when I began this journey, and I look forward to having more and more years to look back upon as the journey continues.

I hope that my path and progress helps you out, as much as it does for myself. And, if anything, I hope these monthly updates are as inspirational to you, as others’ monthly net worth updates have been, and are, to me!


February: $46,947.11 (+1,863.28)

January: $45,803.83 (+430.83)


December: $44,653.00 (+1,742.97)

November: $42,910.03 (+2,160.55)

October: $40,749.48 (+972.59)

September: $39,776.89 (+1,106.39)

August: $38,670.50 (+1,990.50)

July: $36,680.00 (+2,451.00)

June: $34,229.00 (-200.00)

May: $34,429.00 (+1,717.00)

April: $32,712.00 (+1,810.00)

March: $30,902.00 (+2,369.86)

February: $28,532.14 (-922.19)

January: $29,454.33  (+18,611.33)


December: $10,843 (+243)

November: $10,640